ISAJE Conflict of Interest Transparency Declaration form

ISAJE have developed a form for use by member journals for authors to declare any conflicts of interests when submitting papers. The form can be adapted by individual journals to their own needs. Below is some Guidance to Editors and links to the list of organizations and the annotated bibliography that are referred to in the form.

Guidance for editors

A competing interest exists when professional judgment concerning a primary interest (such as the validity of research findings) may be influenced by a secondary interest (such as financial gain or personal rivalry). By requiring the disclosure of all funding sources and competing interests, we are seeking to improve the transparency of scientific communications by providing information that could be useful in the review process and in the interpretation of the author's conclusions. Please consider substituting this form for your existing COI procedures on a trial basis in order to provide feedback to the ISAJE membership in September, 2012. Journal editors and their editorial boards can either use the current draft ISAJE Transparency Declaration Form or adapt it to their own needs.

If any author has answered "yes" to any of the above questions we consider that to be a possible competing interest, which, in the spirit of openness, should be declared in a footnote to the published article. The authors should draft a statement to publish with the article. It might, for example,

. Competing interests: RS has been reimbursed by the International Centre for Responsible Drinking for attending several conferences; TD has been paid by Monte Carlo Resorts Casino for running educational programmes and has her research registrar paid for by the company; JS has shares in the Kingfisher Brewing company.

The Editor will review and approve the statement prior to its publication with the paper. The editor should reserve the right to amend the authors' competing interest declaration based on the information provided as well as space limitations. If none of the authors answered "yes" to any of the questions it is still important to indicate in the publication that there were no funding sources and/or no competing interests. Thus every manuscript should have headings labeled "Funding Sources" and "Competing Interests" even if the answers to the questions on the Transparence form were "None."

Examples of organizations that should be declared on ISAJE Funding Declaration and Competing Interests Form

Annotated bibliographies on competing interests

Thomas F. Babor, Ph.D., MPH
Professor and Chairman
Dept of Community Medicine & Health Care
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-6325


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