ISAJE Workshops

The guidelines set out for ISAJE workshops can be downloaded as a pdf file here.


This document provides advice about the organisation of workshops that are held under the auspices of ISAJE. The main aim is to ensure the quality control of events and thus to protect or enhance the reputation of the society. Proposals will be discussed at the first available ISAJE Board meeting after they are received (there are typically four Board meetings per year).

It has been customary for workshops to be built around the book “Publishing Addiction Science” although this is not obligatory if the theme of a proposed workshop is different from the contents of the book. If applicable, the Executive Officer will assist workshop organisers with purchasing copies of the book for meeting participants. ISAJE does not normally contribute to the costs of workshops, which must therefore be self-supporting. ISAJE will not be responsible for any deficits that may be incurred, nor does it expect to receive a proportion of any surplus funds remaining after the workshop.


1. It is not permissible to state or imply that an event is an ISAJE workshop unless the prior approval of the Board has been obtained.

2. Proposals should be submitted to the Executive Officer at least six months before the date at which the workshop would take place.

3. Proposals should state the names and affiliations of the organisers, the date and place of the event and whether it is in association with another meeting, or will stand-alone.

4. An outline of the programme, no more than one page in length, should be given, including the names and affiliations of the proposed speakers (tutors).

5. The financial arrangements should be outlined and an estimate given of the number of
participants needed to cover costs.

6. Meeting presentations may use the PowerPoint files available without charge at

These files may also be used at events that are not approved ISAJE workshops provided that acknowledgment of their source is made.

7. The names of sponsors or potential sponsors of the workshop must be declared and a
statement of real or potential conflicts of interest given in accordance with the terms of the Farmington Consensus

Ian Stolerman
18 October 2006

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