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Publishing Addiction Science is a comprehensive guide for addiction scientists - especially novice researchers - facing the complex process of publishing in scholarly journals. Written by an international group of addiction science journal editors and their colleagues, Publishing Addiction Science tackles such issues as choosing a journal, publishing qualitative research, responding to reviewers' reports, becoming a reviewer yourself, and appropriate responses to ethical issues common to addiction science publishing.

Addiction science publishing has grown tremendously in the past thirty years. There are now close to ninety journals in seventeen languages that specialise in addiction science as part of their broader mission. Despite these expanding opportunities, getting research published not only begins with choosing a journal: the conscientious researcher also faces a host of potential language, authorship, citation and ethical issues.

International in its scope, and now in a thoroughly revised, expanded and updated second edition, the book gives special attention to the challenges for researchers from developing and non-English-speaking countries. Publishing Addiction Science is co-sponsored by the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors, and the Society for the Study of Addiction.

Chapter 1: A Guide for the Perplexed
Chapter 2: How to Choose a Journal: Scientific and Practical Considerations
Chapter 3: Beyond the Anglo-American World: Advice for Researchers from Developing or Non-English-Speaking Countries
Chapter 4: Getting Started: Publication Issues for Graduate Students, Postdoctoral fellows, and Other Novice Addiction Scientists
Chapter 5: How to Write a Scientific Paper for a Peer-reviewed Journal
Chapter 6: How to Write Publishable Qualitative Research
Chapter 7: Use and Abuse of Citations
Chapter 8: Coin of the Realm: Practical Procedures for Determining Authorship
Chapter 9: Preparing Manuscripts and Responding to Reviewers' Reports: Inside the Editorial Black Box
Chapter 10: Reviewing Manuscripts for Addiction Journals: An Application of the Golden Rule
Chapter 11: Dante's Inferno: Seven Deadly Sins in Scientific Publishing and How to Avoid Them
Chapter 12: The Road to Paradise: Moral reasoning in Addiction Publishing
Chapter 13: Relationships with the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutial Companies, and Other Funding Agencies: Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice?
Chapter 14: Addiction Publishing and the Meaning of (Scientific) Life