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Chapter 1: A Guide for the Perplexed
Chapter 2: How to Choose a Journal: Scientific and Practical Considerations
Chapter 3: Beyond the Anglo-American World: Advice for Researchers from Developing or Non-English-Speaking Countries
Chapter 4: Getting Started: Publication Issues for Graduate Students, Postdoctoral fellows, and Other Novice Addiction Scientists
Chapter 5: How to Write a Scientific Paper for a Peer-reviewed Journal
Chapter 6: How to Write Publishable Qualitative Research
Chapter 7: Use and Abuse of Citations
Chapter 8: Coin of the Realm: Practical Procedures for Determining Authorship
Chapter 9: Preparing Manuscripts and Responding to Reviewers' Reports: Inside the Editorial Black Box
Chapter 10: Reviewing Manuscripts for Addiction Journals: An Application of the Golden Rule
Chapter 11: Dante's Inferno: Seven Deadly Sins in Scientific Publishing and How to Avoid Them
Chapter 12: The Road to Paradise: Moral reasoning in Addiction Publishing
Chapter 13: Relationships with the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutial Companies, and Other Funding Agencies: Holy Grail or Poisoned Chalice?
Chapter 14: Addiction Publishing and the Meaning of (Scientific) Life