Minimal English Language Information In Non-English Language Addiction Specialty Journals- (last updated 10.08.2007)

1. Scope and purpose

The following suggestions should help non-English language journals (1) to be accessible for English language readers and (2) to prepare the application of a journal for international data base and impact factor systems.

The major purpose is access to a journal for the English speaking scientific community: Therefore the suggestions cover English translations of basic journal and manuscript information. They do not cover all requirements for indexing journals in data base systems, such as formal quality (e.g., manuscript peer review or specific ethical considerations), scientific relevance or originality of manuscripts. These requirements are highly specific to every single journal indexing and impact factor system. Further information and guidelines on this topic have been compiled by an ISAJE working group, the Access and Dissemination of Information Group.
The following suggestions are divided in two sections: journal information; and number and manuscript information. Some parts need to be printed in every number of a journal. For others it might be an option to print lengthy or less relevant information on the web page of a journal to save printing space.

Not all information in this paper might be currently available for all journals. But editors should consider preparing statements on the missing aspects, as the information would support access to a journal for English readers and forms part of the basic requirements for inclusion in data base and impact factor systems.

For a paper on Indexing and Impact Factor issues, please see the members-only pages.

2. English language journal information

2.1 Journal title
The title is a - brand name- , but nevertheless an English translation should be given.

2.2 Journal mission statement
The following topics give examples for the content of a mission statement
- History
- Audience
- Scope of topics covered by the journal
- Ownership information (publisher)
- Manuscript review process
- Ethical policy and regulations
[publication in the print version of the journal or on the website]

2.3 Abstracting information
- List of indexing and impact factor systems which cover the journal

2.4 Editorship
- Editor-in-chief
- Editorial group members or assistant editors
- Editorial office with full address information
- Editorial advisory group

2.5 Publishing body
- Name
- Address
- Price
- Publication frequency
- Legal information (copyright)

2.6 Manuscript processing information (- Instructions for authors- )
- General conditions for manuscript acceptance
- Journal sections
- Manuscript format criteria
- Manuscript submission (e.g. electronic submission)
- Manuscript refereeing policy
[full details or selection in the print journal, with possibly additional information on the website]

2.7 Ethical policy and regulations
- Formal relations between publishing organization, editor-in-chief, editorial board and advisory or control boards
- Advertising policy
- Conflict of interest regulations
- Conflict of interest statement of authors
- Scientific misconduct policy
- Reference to standard set of guidelines (e.g. ISAJE Guidelines)
[publication on the website]

3. English language journal number and manuscript information

3.1 Volume and issue number
- Regular or special issue
- Financial and review process statement for special issues

3.2 List of contents
- Section titles
- Manuscript titles

3.3 Manuscript information
- Type of manuscript (section)
- Author(s)` affiliation
- Title
- Abstract
- Key words
- Correspondence address
- Date of submission and acceptance
- DOI number (if available)

Gerhard Bühringer

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