Powerpoint Files for Training

ISAJE is pleased to offer free access to several Powerpoint files to assist the training of inexperienced researchers in the preparation and submission of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. The files have been used by ISAJE in the workshops that it has organised in the last few years and have been prepared by senior members of the society. If you use the files please acknowledge the role of ISAJE in providing them. Questions about their content, as well as any problems that you may encounter, may be reported to the ISAJE Executive Officer in the first instance, who will then forward them to the appropriate person.

In addition to the PowerPoint files, there is detailed guidance available for organisers of workshops including many valuable examples of problems for discussion between the participants and the leaders of interactive sessions. It is strongly recommended that organisers of workshops review this material at the planning stage. The best way to prepare for a workshop or lecture is to consult relevant chapters in the second edition of Publishing Addiction Science.

The workshop guide and accompanying PowerPoint slides were developed as an ISAJE collaborative activity to enhance publication ethics and related publication practices. The following individuals contributed: Thomas Babor, Thomas McGovern, Kerstin Stenius, Ian Stolerman, and Robert West.

Module 1. How to Choose a Journal
Module 2. Publication Issues Related to Being a Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow
Module 3. How to Write a Research Paper
Module 4. How to Write a Paper Using Qualitative Data
Module 5. The Use and Abuse of Citations
Module 6. Authorship Issues
Module 7. Preparing Manuscripts and Responding to Referees' Reports
Module 8. How to Serve as a Referee and Write Reviews for Peer Reviewed Journals
Module 9. Publication Ethics
Module 10. Science and Industry: Ethical Issues Related to Academic Relationships with the Alcohol Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Companies and other Funding Agencies



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